Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Beautiful Reminders

  "And the turtles of course...all the turtles are  free,
 as turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be." ~Dr. Seuss   

A delightful terrapin at a nearby nature preserve, eyes me with
trepidation.  A sunny day afforded my husband and I with a
chance to 
hike & drink in the beauty of our earth. 

"I respect the foresight of establishing protected spaces for the creatures in our midst,
beautiful reminders of God's handiwork
~Rose West

My Gratitude Journal

Monday, July 26, 2021

Gwen's "Give-Away-Song"

 "Be present for all things and be thankful for all things." ~Maya Angelou

Poetry can capture our attention, sometimes like no other form
of communication.  It's often the root of music or melodies that
 convey the beauty, praises, and heartaches of life.

"I love discovering new, poignant ways poets share pictures of our world that speak of
 heartfelt passion and desire.
~Rose West

My Gratitude Journal

Friday, July 23, 2021


"Give yourself permission to be a beginner." 
~Julia Cameron   

Learning has a "starting point" that can turn
out to be awkward, clumsy, or exhilarating.  So why not
cheer for one who makes an effort to launch into the unknown? 

"It's delightful to witness attempts to
fulfill challenges, no matter how
daunting they might appear."

~Rose West

My Gratitude Journal


Thursday, July 22, 2021

Reading & Thinking Over Summer

"To take children seriously is to value them for who they
are right now rather than adults-in-the-making." 
~Alfie Kohn 

Doing the important work of reading, thinking, and
choosing to reframe what the craft of teaching should accomplish.

"Thankful for the time, the resources,
and ideas shared by others to improve
 things in school, for children."

~Rose West

My Gratitude Journal



Saturday, July 17, 2021

Savor Beauty Around You

"Happiness held is the
seed; happiness shared is the flower." 
~John Harrigan


Looking at a neighbor's collection of flowers
that are carefully tended and no doubt loved,
I know all the world deserves such beauty.

"Cultivating living things in
 creative ways is an ultimate truth."

~Rose West

My Gratitude Journal

Friday, July 16, 2021

Woodland Haiku

"If you truly love Nature,
you will find beauty everywhere."  
~Van Gogh

                                                                          Our Indiana
                                              woodland hides the blackberries
                                                            alongside a hive.

"The poetry and the mystery of  
 our earth is indeed, 
~Rose West

My Gratitude Journal

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Peace, Family, and Tradition

"Where we love is home- 
home that our feet may leave,
but not our hearts."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

The place that honors peace, family,
and tradition appears different to each of us.  
May we honor the homes around us
with the knowledge that each one is unique and worthy.

"Families vary across our world, yet 
 their memories hold
 eternal treasures."
~Rose West

My Gratitude Journal