Saturday, May 12, 2018

Thank You


I feel blessed to be among staff members
and friends who value one another
 while serving the needs of our kids.  

They are heroes in every way!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


"Choose actions and deeds
that inspire others rather than 
 spending your energy on impressing 
the people around you.  Barbara is correct!"

Sunday, May 6, 2018

They Matter...."Quietly"

We all know a child who's quiet. 

They're undoubtedly listening &
 focusing upon the conversation or people around them.  

Ask a question and most likely, their hand is not "waving wildly" in the air to prove 
that they have the answer.  

That's alright by me.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dear Mary K.

Mother emphasized the importance of writing thank you
notes to everyone who offered help, advice, or
just listened.  In the spirit of her gentle reminder
it's your turn to hear some words of gratitude.  

Thank you for loving your family. 
That simple example matters today, tomorrow,
 and certainly is at the forefront of good fortune.  You know
 that nurturing the  human spirit is a "must," it's essential.
  I'm sure that folks sharing your life and witnessing
 it unfold do recount moments of wonder, spunky
adventure, displays of courage, and many joys.  

What about your kitchen duty and breaking bread?
During daily meals or special gatherings
imagine  an appreciation of food shared with
 others wove 
its way  into your menus prepared
for The Judge, 
children, grandkids, and friends. 

for nourishment before us,
  family beside us, 
and love between us."

 Truly, times like this make for the finest dining!

Thank you for caring about the community and those 
who crossed your path.  The people who live in our
midst often reward us with their time,
their encouragement, or special gifts.  In doing
 so they impart an important message:
"you matter."  Affirmation like that is
empowering and necessary.  

I know both logic and passion lead us to
 folks who desire to understand and 
solutions for critical issues.  We can learn 
one another and in turn, r
ecognize needs that
deserve attention.   A single person 
such a rendezvous can make a difference.
You know that so well; you set the example. 

 In the spirit of recognizing others who
live life with purpose, joy, and a willingness to learn,
I'm going to share some stories.  I call them "love letters."
Why not?  Perhaps shedding a light upon the best efforts
 of those in our midst will elicit some thankfulness.
After all we all "climb steep mountains," and
those that do it with a smile set grand examples.

Here's to some shout-outs for 2018!

I'm so grateful.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Keep Looking Up

Dad, I heard you in the winter wind today
across a crisp November sky
and your timing just may
be a balm that serves my soul.

I doubt that the days gone by
have dimmed your love
or those lessons of "why"
that set me on the right path.

Dad, I heard you in the winter wind today
across a crisp November sky
and your timing just may
be a balm that serves my soul.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Never Forget

John McCrae was a poet
and physician from 
Guelph, Ontario.
He developed an 
interest in poetry at a
young age and wrote throughout his life.