Monday, December 28, 2015


Let's be mindful of the gifts we can
share with kids. Perhaps not the very ones
most people associate with this time of the year.

Endearing ones like "grit,"
so children will not hesitate to carry on.
"Empathy" for the needs or desires
of others, especially when these
feelings are different from yours.
Knowledge that mistakes or failure isn't
the end, rather a door to a new beginning.
An all important truth:  find joy in each day!

Enjoy ideas from Suzie Boss (above)
who captures what I know to be beautiful
gifts for all, to carry us into a new year. 
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Thursday, December 24, 2015

O Christmas Tree!

Decorating a tree, a
tradition for countless families. 
Whether inside or out, that tree 
often bestows special beauty and 
joyful holiday memories for so many. 
Annually I enjoy seeing the first 
lady accept the White House Tree.

Somewhere a proud farmer is 
relishing the fact that their 
pine will usher in the holidays
 at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 
NW, in Washington, D.C.
 Merry Christmas to you and
all whom you love & hold dear.
I wish for all is immesurable
joy in the coming New Year!


Sunday, December 6, 2015

We Can Do This

Success requires kids to be both resilient
and motivated.  They can learn to be both
but pupils have to learn and to persist
even when schoolwork is challenging. 

 The Mindset Kit:
free resources for anyone
instilling positive learning 
attitudes in youngsters.

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