Tuesday, February 17, 2015


“Opinion is really the lowest form
of human knowledge. It requires
no accountability, no understanding.
The highest form of knowledge is
empathy, for it requires us to suspend
our egos and live in another’s world. 

It requires profound purpose larger
      than the self kind of understanding.”     
             ~Bill Bullard


Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Dance

 Image compliments
of Jerry Scott at

"Just For Fun Photography"

With this basket, L.H.S. Indian Brandt Cochran
scores the 1000th point of his high school career
on February 14, 2015 at the gym in Casey, Illinois. 

What lies behind setting a goal? 
It's from a comfortable position,
that most of us observe the efforts
of others who work toward making
things happen, meeting challenges,
or simply accomplishing a feat.

Upon average, a high school basketball
game lasts approximately two
hours, sometimes a little less.   

not every player will suit
up in the locker room upon any
given night,  or get that nod from
coach that puts them into the line up.  

First pupils have to try out and
qualify for the mere opportunity to 
even see their name upon the roster. 

Before an aspiring athlete 
realizes his or her desire to play,
there's a critical period of skill-building.

There's  hours of practice with coaches.
Hopefully there will be no injuries,
  illness or misfortune that obscures
the momentum or drive to improve. 

Pushing ahead toward any goal
takes an all-important "start." 
 It's called a dream. 

Dreams involve people at every turn:
family members who sustain,
teachers who support,
community members who cheer.  

If participating in sports offers any
sort of analogy for "life," let that be so.

The people, the pride, cooperation, the
work, and even some luck are all
part of the essential dance athletes
do to realize their goals.

Keep dancing, for the courage to
participate despite any odds you'll
face over time are well worth the effort.

Pride shall always be the
most important element in your dance.