Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Their Wings Are Open

After a busy day with pupils and tutoring the after-school crowd, my school day was nearly complete.  After wiping tables in the cafeteria,
I returned to my office to check E-mail.
It was nearly time to head home.  

Nearby a colleague was working
to prepare our lab for the upcoming
PARCC tests and her daughter
was completing some homework.
I smiled at the pair, and teased,
"Only crazy people are here this late!"
We all laughed but my curiosity soon 
had me rereading the rough draft of
this sixth grader's homework.

My take away was quite simple:
Youngsters pay attention to things
that interest them.  They dream, so
pay attention to what you say and do.

Kids and dreaming.   
It's like a bird spreading its wings
before taking flight.  The destination
may not be certain, but the
beauty is that their
wings are open!  

The essay she was finishing contained a
description about her "dream team,"
that group of athletes that would be
unstoppable.  Scanning the description
 of her choices, I noticed that 
Tyra Bus was first on her list.

"That's Buss with a second s.  You'll
need to add another." Hearing my 
comment the girl smiled, editing 
the copy.   I noticed that Tyra 
was placed on her team roster 
ahead of Michael Jordan.
            Hopefully M.J. will understand.        
Good luck to the Indiana
Women's Basketball Team
as they face SMU!

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