Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Can't Wait

The school year is still in its "tender stage."

I'm getting used to a new schedule but as
of right now, it doesn't feel too familiar.  

Hmm.....I still cannot remember
first names of all my customers!
That's a dilemma, so I just
ask the children to "remind" me
they prefer to be called at school.    

It's important to be positive, welcoming,
and observant with all kids in class.
Showing youngsters we really care, while
making these early days of the school
year go smoothly is so important. 

I'm not sure I have a handle on my game!

If as an adult learner I feel this way,
then what about the youngsters in my care?
What about the other professionals in
the building, who are all negotiating
this new school year as well? 

I know what "success" looks and feels like
for students in school, at least that's my
ultimate goal for our learning community.

So tomorrow morning, we'll start
a new week together....all of us.   
I may be nervous, but can remain calm
in classes.  I may be unsure, but can stay positive.  Surely the road to a respectful,
safe school experience isn't too far away. 

Why?  Because as adults we're capable of
understanding our roles, and
intelligent enough to communicate clearly.
We know that time plays an important
role in developing relationships with others. 
Let's aim toward important goals we've
laid out for our kids with confidence, because they're always watching.  Young people  constantly "read" the signals that
we as adults, put out there.  The parents and families of our students
are doing the same,
in this early part of a new school year.

So my customers and I will smile together
more often this week.  I'll get a better handle
on their names and more importantly, on
their needs!  Good things do take time.   
Our routines will be more comfortable,
and my pupils will grow more confident.   

I can't wait!