Sunday, January 25, 2015

Seek to Strike That Balance

Opportunities for any
youngster to navigate their 
world must include educating
the mind as well as the heart.  

Accepting others, being tolerant
of those who you don't agree with,
problem solving, and realizing that
"different ideas" have merit are all
situations that require guidance
and  "practice" for kids.  

Setting goals, dealing with disappointment,
and coping with challenge are all important
skills that we can strive to build and

develop in our young people. 

The result?  
Let it be an attitude of "grit"
in our beloved children
healthy, confident kids.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

One Word

Ah, a page has turned and we're into 2015.  Many people are selecting resolutions to guide them through the tender days of January.  It "kick-starts" a new year for some, although keeping resolutions can be a challenge.  

I too am thinking and have reached the conclusion to "simplify and enrich."  It's important for me to evaluate things and choose new goals.  Once put into place, these ideas may not always come to fruition but the intention is to improve things.  

Recently I discovered a post by "The Leadership Freak," Mr. Dan Rockwell.  His common sense message resonated with me!  You can review Dan's ideas here.     

So here we go:  
#One Word

Not a traditional resolution but
rather an intentional leap that
could make a difference for others. 

I'll strive to be present for others; a promise to be available in a genuine, immediate manner.  It's something sorely needed in this world of fast paced living.  How sad that people are often too busy or preoccupied to listen to others.  Often an act of really listening leads to transformational awareness and positive change. It's my hope to master this new goal:

I like a neat, little package.