Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celebrate What You Want to See More Of

"I turned around as we were walking back home and this is what I saw; they were doing the exact same thing I was. 

It was a powerful moment, for I recognized me
in them and my dad in me.  I realized that if
they mirror these little things what else will
they mirror?
"Every father should realize that one day his son will follow his example  instead of his advice."    

During the winter break from classes, 
I asked permission from a parent to share
this image and quote.  When I discovered
the thoughts of this father, I was struck by
their poignancy and passion.  

His words seemed to echo a familiar desire that I'm sure every parent wants to fulfill for their children, daily "setting a stage" of good
and long-lasting examples.  Indeed, it's 
a daunting task to undertake by anyone.  

Making this happen requires a great deal
of time along with genuine supports that
affirm the necessary effort,
wisdom, and much patience. 

Want a goal or worthy mission for 2014?   

Let us as educators, neighbors, and friends
be that fearless, necessary support for all parents and grandparents.  Families in our
learning community deserve nothing less. 

After all we begin to travel down this
road on New Years Day, together.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Richard Byrne has created an updated
list of online typing practice activities
for youngsters. We can't go wrong with
his suggestions, see for yourself. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

SEL: The Time is Now

Teaching kids who they really are
and what they are capable of? 
My New Years goal......because
"waiting" isn't best for our children.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Write For Life" Saturday December 14, 2013

His large strong hands held more than paper,
tools, or luggage. He was our dad.
His children meant more than bills, a job,
or hobbies. He let us know that so often.
Our mother was not a mere woman, wife,
or parent. She was our father's soul mate.
Time together was never dull, listless or plain.
Whatever the world offered us
was made right,
and was made beautiful
because of his love.
His vision of the family meant laughter,
talent, and tremendous pride. He was our hero.
His life long lessons endure with
whispers of confidence,
courage, and devotion.  Unforgettable is he, dad.

This is lovingly dedicated to
Dave Cleghorn- special beyond just that
of father, husband, co-worker, and friend. 
 Family is the very essence of a strong
spirit.  Let us learn from each other and
embrace the lives and loves across our community.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beat Old Man Winter at His Game

This December, winter weather has resulted in many area school closings and cancellations.  Heard of a new, local option whereby you can be notified of such happenings?   

Simply text Unit10 or Unit20 to 72727.  Doing so will automatically enroll those interested in receiving area updates.  Standard texting rates do apply to getting this information.

This brand new, free service is made possible by local Lawrence County merchants.  Thanks in advance for continuing to support the businesses that are helping make it possible.

Mr. Bill Powell from Sweet T's is coordinating the messaging and he pledges to promptly send out the specific details you're needing, as soon as he receives them.  Thanks in advance for spreading the word to local neighbors, friends, and family.   

Image compliments of The Lawrenceville Daily Record
A huge display of icicles is shown hanging off the side of a building in downtown Lawrenceville as a result of a major winter storm that rolled through the region Thursday and Friday. The storm dumped a layer of ice and then more than 10 inches of snow on the area. Schools in Lawrence County were not in session for the third straight day Tuesday due to hazardous road conditions. Lawrence County residents received an inch of new snow overnight.


Friday, December 6, 2013

"Write for Life" December 6, 2013

Photograph courtesy of Shawna Routien
No where is there much sound,
when snow falls in the heart.
For sweet memories are vivid,
lingering as if to say "Don't weep."
So gather your most precious around you
and give them undivided love
for no where is there much sound,
when snow falls in the heart.
~Rose West

Shawna's image on this wintry day awakened memories.
My father is laid to rest here in Lawrenceville, Illinois.
He would be celebrating his 93rd birthday on December 9th.