Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Write For Life" Saturday December 14, 2013

His large strong hands held more than paper,
tools, or luggage. He was our dad.
His children meant more than bills, a job,
or hobbies. He let us know that so often.
Our mother was not a mere woman, wife,
or parent. She was our father's soul mate.
Time together was never dull, listless or plain.
Whatever the world offered us
was made right,
and was made beautiful
because of his love.
His vision of the family meant laughter,
talent, and tremendous pride. He was our hero.
His life long lessons endure with
whispers of confidence,
courage, and devotion.  Unforgettable is he, dad.

This is lovingly dedicated to
Dave Cleghorn- special beyond just that
of father, husband, co-worker, and friend. 
 Family is the very essence of a strong
spirit.  Let us learn from each other and
embrace the lives and loves across our community.

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