Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy Endings

June is nearly over.
School's out until August. 
Amid chores our janitorial staff
are busying themselves with,  staff
who will not return for the new term

have packed up and cleared  things
from classrooms and offices.  

They're turning in their keys. 

Before youngsters left for 
summer break, I posed this question:  
 "Just what should teachers and our
principal do now that they're not
   coming back to Parkside next year?

What shall make them happy in retirement?" 

   made, here are their proposals: 

#5  "Get a cool, new pet."
 They suggested something
unusual, perhaps a pig.  Why? 
A pig will help you make new friends.

#4  "Eat all your favorite foods."
They guessed retirees would opt for burgers & s'mores.

#3  "Hang out with friends & those you love."

 Now that is sage advice!
Note their phrase:  "Hang Out."

#2  "Every so often, get all dressed-up."
They cautioned me that men who retire
 would not have to dress-up as often as ladies.

#1 "Take lots of naps."  
Tough job, yet someone has to do it.

Kids are wise;
listen to them more often. 

  In the conversations about retirement
and ending a school year,
sincere feelings concerning all
four woman began to spill out.

"They are ending their school year forever."
Everyone had an opinion about
Mrs. Large, Mrs. Dickerson,
Mrs. Mullen, and or  Mrs. Frederick. 
I'm not sure that the teachers or
staff at a school always realize,
really realize how very important
they are in the lives of their students.

The youngsters had numerous,
sincere opinions about each
(beyond time management suggestions)
related to "happiness." 
The realization that these familiar
people would no longer be present daily,
was prompting some thoughtful responses.

Several were upset that they'd never
have a chance to have these
retirees as a classroom teacher.

Many wished they'd see one or more
of the women back, as substitutes.

I'll never forget this response:
"Oh she's so special.
She made learning fun again, for me."

"She always believed in us
and I'll miss her," was
echoed by so many students.

Yes, careers come to a close,
and "happy endings" are grand.
I just hope that these women
understand that they've
made an important difference
in the lives of many children.

Yes indeed, we shall miss them!

I trust they'll continue finding
fulfilling ways to spend their days.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ten Positives

"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed.  Happiness is
the spiritual experience of living every
minute with love, grace, and gratitude."
                                                              ~Denis Waitley

Walking together
Having shoes
Sharing conversation
Knowing the route
Feeling safe
Sheltered from rain
Heading home
Giving encouragement
Feeling capable