Saturday, September 5, 2015

We've So Much to Be Thankful For

The seasons do wax and wane, bringing with them an ever changing repertoire.  If we pay attention to each rich, solemn, funny, or stirring melody it's a very wise thing to do.  What you accomplish is an understanding of the truly important lessons of life.  Connect with others along the way and those lessons become a roadmap of sorts, a guide.

Robin LeGrand had her roadmap handy at every moment.  Without a doubt she was a guide with immeasurable talent, wit, and a smile that lit up the room.  Music was just one of her passions and she shared it with authority and grace. 

Each and every student she encountered was important.  Her charges all had potential.  What Robin brought to her classes was an opportunity to have fun, learn something new, and acquire skills alongside others who shared a common bond.  What could be more perfect?  So, so many young people benefited from her unwavering commitment to nurture musical self-expression. 

At the start of the school year, I found her giggling with fifth graders while they imitated frogs, jumping off of imaginary lily pads.  "I taught this to them when they were in first grade, years ago.  But they remember it and still want to sing it."  She turned back to the organ and continued playing the music, to the obvious delight of her charges until every one had a chance to "leap" and sing a particular verse. 

As fall deepens into winter, one could walk down the hallways of Parkside Elementary School and savor the aroma of fresh biscuits or big vats of simmering spaghetti sauce.  Meanwhile in the nearby music room were the sounds of Robin teaching and rehearsing holiday tunes.  She arranged for transportation to local nursing homes and stores out in the community, where children would proudly carol, sharing songs of the holiday season.  Nurturing talent, guiding children.....isn't that what love is all about? 

Joy and learning were the key destinations on Robin's roadmap.  Thank you dear, we will carry on in your spirit of hope and possibility. 

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