Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You're Invited

Top 10 Reasons to Come to "Fine Arts Night"
 10.  The best time of a day is spent creating.                               
  Read to kids because it's the start of wonderful projects.
  8.   The janitor is the art teacher's best buddy.
  7.   There's never enough space to hang up every picture.
  6.   Art should be on the refrigerator once it "goes home."
  5.   More beauty's found in the imagination than anywhere.
  4.   Keep asking......because then the teacher will let us paint.
  3.   Great artists autograph their work.
  2.   Showing off art unabashedly, is a great thing!
  1.   We believe in our young artists.

Join us at Parkside on Thursday
November 20th from 6:00 to 7:30 P.M.  

Mrs. Rachel Tewell and pupils from 
Lawrenceville High School have helped
make this event even more special!

Refreshments will be served,
compliments of 
The Lawrence County Arts Council 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dear Ed

November first had arrived, game day.  We spied crimson leaves clinging to tree branches,  knowing that they wouldn't last much longer.  It was the kind of Saturday where fall foliage becomes windswept, ending up somewhere in a smoky burn-pile.  

It was cold yet that sparkling cornflower sky was splendid.  Sharp winds swirled, zealously lifting the Indian banners that adorn the road from L.H.S. to Loeb Field.  The crisp red and white flags were quite a site, beckoning fans as they migrated to the sports complex for the 3:00 P.M. kick-off. 

Early in the week the locals began parking vehicles in a tight ring at the edge of the field.  Some were undoubtedly preparing for tail-gate parties, anxious to find a good location.  One family had different plan.  They secured a spot near the 50 yard line with a car, and it turned out to be a good move.  That spot was reserved for a proud 84 year-old who couldn't fathom missing The Tribe in their 2014 play-off bid.  Who could blame her?  Indeed the young man slated to start the game for L.H.S. as quarterback was her great, great grandson. 

 What does a small town football event look and feel  like?  It's a noisy, spirited, curious collection of so many individuals.   There's countless hours of preparation, of practice and planning with the young people who "take the stage" when the day finally arrives.   

Ed, the complex was alive with folks of all  ages.  Drawn together were kids and cousins, grandparents, friends. Fans mingled with the band or the cheerleaders.  Members of the media were everywhere.  What is it
about making a little history that creates
such a hullabaloo? Perhaps it's a journey of
pride and purpose, success none shall deny. 

Indeed, what fuels such excitement or
prepares us to stand a little taller......
while setting our sights a little higher?
I think parents or those who love kids are
the spark, those with unmistakable hopes
or  dreams.  When it's time to perform,
all eyes are on the young people.

Anticipation of what's possible when 
you give your best effort, it's a relentless 
challenge.  That chance for personal success,
indeed one that's shared with others.....it's 
brilliant!  It is that goal worth every shred of
time or effort necessary, in making it a reality.  

Yes, the Indians played for us that afternoon
wearing red and white "home" uniforms.  

They didn't disappoint themselves,
their coaches, or the many fans at the
sports complex.  Folks listening to the broadcast of the game on WAKO Radio
too, were jubilant.  More importantly
these young people earned "another
day"  with an additional opportunity to
advance in the IHSA football playoffs.

Yes, the Indians made history on
November first.  They a handed a defeat
to the visiting Nokomis Redskins, an accomplishment marking the
first post-season win in over
a century of football at L.H.S.  

There's no better feeling than
to recognize it came about
as a result of teamwork.

The beauty of that Saturday afternoon
at Loeb Field? When a group of young
athletes came together, and acted as one.