Saturday, October 25, 2014


There can be strong progress in a child's learning when the teacher guiding pupils is inspired.  That boost of confidence in
the mind of an educator can translate into positive experiences with kids.  I know
this for sure:  things will get a lot better!  

Those genuine experiences with pupils
may not be plentiful early in the day. 
Indeed they may not even exist early
in the school year, or even in the
career of a young professional. 
You simply have to be patient.  

  Professionals seeking ideas to reach kids, improve the climate in class, or hone
their craft are facing real obstacles in
their learning community every day.

The answers one seeks to solve challenges
may be closer than you think.  Good suggestions abound in the minds and
hearts of other teachers--your colleagues.  

Reach out, listen, and learn from
others who have wisdom or insight
that provides you with suggestions,
insight-- indeed that necessary inspiration.  

Then take a "test drive" with your kids.

 Subsequently, you may discover fewer
potholes in your relationship with
youngsters and learning resumes.
That after all, is the proper focus

for youngsters in your classroom.