Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Memories

WRITE FOR LIFE      ~Thursday June 26, 2014

Growing things from the rich, rich earth
My generational symmetry resounds.
From grandma's Victory Garden in wartime
Her fenced-in rows of pumpkins and corn
To relish upon a table, and share with many more.
From dad's backyard plot on Seventh Street
Staked peppers, rhubarb, and green beans
To relish upon a table, and share with many more.
For now in my summery plot of dark rich soil
You'll find herbs, tomatoes, and flowers galore
To relish upon a table, and share with many more.
~Rose West

I recall that both my grandmother and her son, my father were excellent cooks who also spent hours in the garden.  They proudly cultivated beautiful and delicious produce. As much as the two of them loved digging in the dirt, they relished sharing or giving the vegetables away to friends.

Why not introduce the craft and history of
Victory Gardens with children?  It may just
be the beginning of  new, satisfying traditions! 


Sunday, June 22, 2014

One for the Ages

101-year-old Cardinals fan Rosemary Depler  threw out the first pitch at Busch Stadium
on Friday June 20th for her birthday.


 A resident of Peoria Illinois, she's cheered
for all eleven of the St. Louis Cardinals'
World Series Championships. 


The Philadelphia Phillies ended up defeating the Cardinals that night, but the real winners are Rosemary & the St. Louis organization.

#The First Pitch:  Cardinal Sam
Freeman caught her under-handed throw.

Happy Birthday Rosemary!