Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celebrate What You Want to See More Of

"I turned around as we were walking back home and this is what I saw; they were doing the exact same thing I was. 

It was a powerful moment, for I recognized me
in them and my dad in me.  I realized that if
they mirror these little things what else will
they mirror?
"Every father should realize that one day his son will follow his example  instead of his advice."    

During the winter break from classes, 
I asked permission from a parent to share
this image and quote.  When I discovered
the thoughts of this father, I was struck by
their poignancy and passion.  

His words seemed to echo a familiar desire that I'm sure every parent wants to fulfill for their children, daily "setting a stage" of good
and long-lasting examples.  Indeed, it's 
a daunting task to undertake by anyone.  

Making this happen requires a great deal
of time along with genuine supports that
affirm the necessary effort,
wisdom, and much patience. 

Want a goal or worthy mission for 2014?   

Let us as educators, neighbors, and friends
be that fearless, necessary support for all parents and grandparents.  Families in our
learning community deserve nothing less. 

After all we begin to travel down this
road on New Years Day, together.

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poo said...

Celebrate and be the example that you wish to see. <3