Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Wish

WRITE FOR LIFE     Wednesday January 1, 2014

To see this day, really see this day
and not to turn away
from the old man drooling as he shuffles down the street,
from the dirty mutt hiding beneath a neighbors shed,
from the angry father swearing at his wife,
from a hungry teen too ashamed to ask for help,
from a lonely neighbor suffering without a friend.
To see this day, really see this day

please do not turn away.

To share this day, really share this day
be patient with the crying, listless child,
be gentle with the wounded and sick,
be careful to listen when people reach out,
be thankful for fellowship that seeks you,
be happy for health that we can manage,
be hopeful for challenges that surely will come,
be inspiring because someone always needs it.
    ~Rose West

            "Reach out your hand, if your cup be empty.
                   If your cup be full, may it be again"

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