Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stand Near and Cheer!

Do high school teachers often assign the obligatory essay:  "What I Did Over Christmas Break" to youth returning to class after the holidays?   

If they do in Mt. Carmel, Illinois it would come as no surprise to me if one of the girls mentions "time with family."  At the Buss household, family is supreme and Miss Tyra Buss feels it every day. 

Finishing up Christmas shopping, holiday cooking, a little time with friends, basketball practice, and of course tournaments.  Those surely were some of the typical events occupying this Mt. Carmel native's winter break.  It's Tyra's senior year.  She owns a straight A average and lives in nearby Wabash county.   

Surely her essay would include the moment when this student-athlete set the bar "so much higher," in crossing the threshold by becoming the Illinois all-time career leader in points scored. 

On December 28, 2013 the player wearing number three did just that at Indiana's Toyota Teamwork Classic.  Although disappointed because she and fellow Aces lost to Princeton (84-82), Tyra Buss propelled herself into the history books with an incredible 66 point effort.  Count them up.  That night she amassed an amazing total to date of 4,095 points and Tyra's season isn't even over yet. 

#Google  #Her 

You'll read Miss Buss is the
reigning Illinois
Ms. Basketball. 

Headed to the gym in December 2012
You'll read Miss Buss will play for
Curt Miller and the Indiana woman's basketball team after high school. 

You'll read she plays tennis, runs
track, and participates in cross country.

What you won't "hear" are comments
that many have observed and shared
while attending sporting events
throughout the years, in the tri-state.   

They mention an unfailingly
polite manner, a welcoming smile.

Young people shyly ask for Tyra's
autograph and she patiently obliges
and will pose with them for photos.

Are you perhaps unfamiliar with the
layout of Mt. Carmel High School?  If
Tyra's there she's more than willing to 

answer questions or guide you to the
locker rooms or practice areas for
sporting events on the building grounds.

She may not realize her efforts 
and determination are lauded by 
others.  "Tyra Buss, you know......
she's the girl who lives in Mt. Carmel." 

 After all, it's a family affair.  We're
all learning as we watch your success.
Determination, hard work, and
love-of-the-game are in keeping
with the attitude of a true jewel from
southern Illinois, Tyra Buss. 
Let's all stand near and cheer!



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