Sunday, April 28, 2013

5 WINS This Week

1.  I watched robins in our backyard, amazing   
     beauty and a gentle reminder of "new life."

2. Pupils from Lawrenceville and Red Hill High
    Schools supported area farmers and business
    people by sandbagging the levee.

3.  We're welcoming a new janitor at Parkside
      in the morning. I'll miss the gentleman who
      retired recently because we worked together
      for such a long time, but it will be nice to    
      greet the
new staff member.

4.   I started swimming again more regularly
      at the YMCA...encouraged by the many     
      athletes around me.

5.  Discovered wonderful improvements among
     students while bench marking skills at school.
     Their teachers are paving the way for
Do the children know reading will   
     serve them over a lifetime?  I'm not sure they
     do but as educators we know it's one of the
     reasons we're here for our kids.

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