Sunday, May 5, 2013

5 WINS This Week

1.  One sure sign that spring's here:  the sounds of
     trimming and lawn mowing outside the
     classroom; that familiar "hum" is with
     us all once again.  

2. Youth at Lawrenceville High School celebrated
     the final prom at the building located on Eight
     Street last evening. It's a sweet bit of history in
     our community, a rite of passage many kids and
     families will cherish.

3.  Many classes do projects for Mothers Day,
     coming up May 12th. 
I miss my mom and
     am so happy our teachers celebrate and honor
     such special people.    

4.   My colleagues inspire me with their passion!
      It's a reminder to continue my path of learning.

5.  When it finally stops raining, the explosion of
      spring color will be delightful!

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