Wednesday, June 12, 2013

UPDATE: Padagogy Wheel V 3.0

  The Padagogy Wheel

Developed by Allan Carrington
Designing Outcomes
Adelaide South Australia
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Take a quick tour of The
Padagogy Wheel
and see how it works:  
The man has a great
mind & is a great sport!

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Allan Carrington said...

G'day Rosemary and friends

Greetings from Adleaide South Australia and thanks Rosemary for the words of encouragement. I appreciate you posting about the Padagogy Wheel. It is exciting to see a model that gathers Graduate Attributes, Capabilities, Motivation, Blooms Taxonomy, iPad Apps (or just educational technology) and finally the SAMR Model together in one helpful info graphic. Please take time to read the posts for each version, they are chapters of the story of the model developing

However I think my latest blog post "Using The Padagogy Wheel: It’s All About Grey-matter Grids (GGs)" will be the most helpful to teachers.

Please contact me when you have tried applying this and got some constructive feedback.

Allan Carrington
Designing Outcomes South Australia