Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kids Need Feedback

"Teaching kids is an accomplishment;
getting children excited about learning is
an achievement."  ~Robert John Meehan 
Notice the writing on the board?

In a sense, the connection depicted between teacher and students is the real 

"jewel" and purpose in the everyday
lives of youngsters and educators. 

The youngsters matter to her;

everyone knows it.  It looks like a shared
feeling of mutual respect & understanding.  

 The Rockwell painting above reminds me
of the important investments to make
with kids, and the rewarding "returns"
they'll experience when we do. 
It's what we should all be about.

It's a challenge so go after it....

you can do it.  Start with giving kids
effective feedback to improve the learning.

A "shout-out" & my thanks to Superintendent
Mr. Michael Smith for the quote above. 
We can follow him

on Twitter @principalspage
and or at

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