Saturday, November 16, 2013

Doing the Right Thing

Any school experience is elevated when
professionals and staff see young people
as students who are capable and worthy.  

That's a given because kids are
just that and more, when we develop
and nurture their individual talents.
Opening the door to opportunities
for youngsters to explore and refine
their abilities is our responsibility. 
It makes looking toward the future for these 
young people as something they'll meet with hope and resiliency.  Just perhaps the district, its parents, and school community is operating out of a new and innovative mindset.  

That's so important for all of us
involved in this game we call "life." 

Therefore, let's not "drop the
ball" for any of our young students.
Thanks Coach Wood for seeing your 
players & staff through a memorable 2013
football season at Lawrenceville High School.  

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