Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just a Little Jump

Saturday while some were working, cleaning
the house, shopping, babysitting, or even mowing a lawn and feeling like any of the above was mundane, Travis Mills was
jumping out of an airplane.  

This in and of itself isn't too spectacular
unless you stop to consider that this
gentleman has no limbs, save for the
artificial ones this veteran's learned to use through lengthy months of rehabilitation.  

His personal history reveals that 
Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills along with
a team from the 82nd Airborne were
on assignment in Afghanistan,
substantiating reports related to
verification of explosive devices. 

It was during his third tour of duty
back in April, 2012.  Just a typical day
for this team except
that when Travis
dropped a backpack on the ground,
the sudden impact was enough to
detonate explosives buried below.

As anyone can imagine, the event changed
this young man's life dramatically.

"Was I complaining about
anything on Saturday afternoon?  

One thing is clear:  Travis has been
emphatic about
"getting on with his life."
So on August 9th, he was in Maine to raise  awareness and funds for a veteran center
to be located at Fort Kent.  

Incidentally Travis invited the
wife of Maine Governor Paul LePage, to
join him at his parachute adventure. 

"Bravo Travis, bravo!"

It's well known that First Lady Ann LaPage
is interested in supporting veterans.  When
the two first met, Mrs. LaPage discovered
that Travis is also passionate about
creating a camp that will benefit
wounded veterans and their families.

      Who could say no?      
Ann admitted that while petrified of
heights, she had to honor his request

"Challenges are not insurmountable."
Watch the two teasing one another 
at Fort Hood, during the recent event:

We initially learn from one another in
very small ways, moments of time that
may seem insignificant at first glance. 

It's only from positions of enlightenment
that we act upon our understandings,
make decisions, and solve problems. 
Yet the process all begins with learning
from others, one simple step at a time.  

I believe this is true with people
of every age, and in all walks of life.  

Perhaps recognizing this, you and I can be
more proactive in supporting kids. 
We'll recognize that everyone continues to
learn and flourish when given the time,
opportunity, and proper nurturing.  

Thank you Travis Mills,
you are a hero that gives me pause.

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