Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Stand 1-9-2016

Kids come to school with uncertainty
and perhaps some initial nervousness.  

That's to be expected, especially if they're involved with learning in large groups 
of peers for the first time.  I say 
"extra bonus points
if kids come to class feeling
hopeful and curious, how grand!

I'll take it from there.
You know, the moment they enter my classroom.  They will be successful.

I'll expect everyone to support kids.
I create resources to inform 
my learning community.
I'll expect families to communicate 
with myself, colleagues, and the administration
to uphold and maintain 
on-going success for kids.
I read, "Tweet," and connect with
others to continue my learning.
I refine my craft. 
Let's strive for "win-win" situations.


Parkside Night Owls:

Shining Moments:

Let's Go!

George Couros- I loved the
 "The Innovator's Mindset"
and recommend it to others!  

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