Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The End of the School Year

You have spent the year together, close quarters since late August.  You've involved students in thousands of lessons and group is feasting during the waning days in this month of May.  

Teachers get to know a lot about their "customers."   Some children do better than others in the academic areas of fifth grade, while their classmates may excel in endeavors related to athletics.  Often kids have some tough personal issues or challenges, and  teachers usually uncover such truths.  He or 
she can relate to a child's pain, and help.

Hopefully together you've learned, laughed, and grown since first crossing the doorway of the classroom.  There's been tension and disagreements, for no group escapes them when sharing nine months or more of time, together.  Yet now as you approach the last day of school, everyone is tired.  Everyone is ready for the start of summer break.  Everyone who is remembered in a special way is "changed."  And that change feels so good.
Yes, kids still do pass notes.
 Click on this image to get the whole message.
 Then smile to know a child feels this way.

Thank you teachers, for 
being in the lives of our children.

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