Saturday, April 22, 2017

Worth Every Effort

Just how do you make
judgements upon when or where 
to act in the best interests of a child?

Is it ever too soon or too late
for someone to take action
to benefit the life of a youngster?
Within this group of kindergarteners
can you identify the one who'll develop into
an inventor, musician, parent, or member of
 the clergy?  
Can you determine which child  
may someday become a business owner an
addict, writer, or perhaps an amazing athlete?

Can you partner 
alongside others to
support the skills and dreams
of a child?  

Does your decision to act in the best interest of a youngster depend upon who'll be the
smartest or the weakest pupil?
Does it even matter?
Is it possible to support
a school community where you 
discover what interests a young person?
Education is a right.
 Success requires "cumulative" energy
from the learner, the family, 
and the teacher.

Be willing to invest in the
futures of 
children, all children.  

#Believe    #Connect     #Uphold

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