Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bloom's Work Supported by the Padagogy Wheel

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Allan Carrington said...

G'day I'm the guy who thought up the Padagogy Wheel i.e. connecting Blooms taxonomy to iPad apps in this way.

I have been thrilled with the response from teachers around the world to this learning design model. Would you believe 16000 posters downloaded in just 5 weeks. It gathers Graduate Attributes, Motivation, Blooms Taxonomy, iPad Apps and finally the SAMR Model together in a helpful infographic. Have a look at The Padagogy Wheel V3 Poster it puts it all on one diagram ( I have explained V3 on my blog post "The Padagogy Wheel V3.0: Learning Design starts with graduate attributes, capabilities and motivation" ( Jeff Dunn of Edudemic reviewed the Wheel at "Updated Padagogy Wheel Tackles The Problem Of Motivation In Education" (

However I think my latest blog post "Using The Padagogy Wheel: It’s All About Grey-matter Grids (GGs)" ( will be the most helpful to teachers. I would really appreciate feedback from any teacher who tries out these ideas. Do these concepts actually fly in anything from curriculum design through to facilitating a class online or face-to-face? I agree with Jeff Dunn when he says "This new Padagogy Wheel (which honestly is less about iPads and more about technology integration now) should encourage you to focus on redefining your current standards, the current role tech plays in your classroom, and just about everything else. The new visual wants you to start creating, not just understanding or analyzing. I love this new take on the wheel and look forward to version 3.0!"

My comment: V3.0 is now out as is help to making it all work for you the teacher. Please try it and let me know how it goes and what can be don to make it even more useful in your practice or Professional Development (PD) for you and colleagues

Allan Carrington
Designing Outcomes South Australia