Saturday, October 12, 2013

Every Day Heroes

When I think of a "hero" it
reminds me of a story
we had in Sunday school.
It was about every day heroes, and
how seemingly ordinary lives can be
truly remarkable and inspiring.   

This week I saw the work of a hero who took pictures of little girls cheering at a football game.  Among the images was a shot of a sweet little first grader who was in a wheel chair.
She was having so much fun, not "left out"
in the very least.  His images are so poignant.    

I talked with a hero who stayed overnight in
the hospital with a loved one, giving other
family members a respite from the task. 
It's a tag-team partnership that works!
"Family" is the essential spirit that sustains this man and enables him to carry on with humor and devotion in a delightful way. 

There was also a nurse who comes to my mind.......caring for a hospice patient,
with tender compassion and humor. 
The patient is her mother-in-law.

I hope you can find some every
day heroes in the coming week.  
Better yet, why not choose to be a hero
for someone in your midst? 
It's a chance to serve others
and someone will be watching.

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