Saturday, September 10, 2016

"Bill & #IMMOOC"

A year ago I met a friendly gal around noon at
 the Vincennes, Indiana YMCA.  We were 
preparing to get our respective work-outs done under the watchful eye of a guard when she smiled and introduced herself as Laura.
 Throwing out a compliment about her suit,
 I jumped into the water and pushed off the 
wall.  "Timing is everything" they say,  
That poolside encounter proved to be true.

Little did I know a third swimmer
 finishing up his workout was the subject of
 of a piece Laura had  penned for 
Boomer Magazine, a local publication 
highlighting people and special events
 occurring in and around  communities
 adjacent to Knox County, Indiana.

Once I had the opportunity to read
 Laura's piece it both surprised and delighted
me.  Ironically I'd met the subject of her
 as a teenager and we were both living in 
Lawrenceville, Illinois.
He was my neighbor and the father of
 one of my friends, Mr. Carrithers.  

The afternoon Laura and I had a chance meeting, Bill just happened to be a couple of 
 lanes over from us.   Looking strong, he was
  in the midst of finishing up a mile swim.

Read Laura's story about Bill
in the link above (on page 8).  
Come back here to
"My Pedagogy Page," for there's
so much more to this story.

Bill Carrithers, Still in the Swim

Here's my shout-out to the group
participating in #IMMOOC 

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