Sunday, September 18, 2016

#IMMOOC & "The Purpose of Education"

"Change is nothing to fear."
Repeat:  "Change is nothing to fear."
Embrace it and step out of your comfort zone because each moment, each day, week, month, 
and the year that passes is different from
 the times that have eclipsed you and I.  The idea of "time marching on" is a powerful one.  Let it provoke wonder and energy within you because of the young people who come into class each day.  

Turning back to the first ten pages in George's 
The Innovator's Mindset, I recognized  
this phrase right away:  "What I care about
 is that kids are inspired to be better people because of their experiences in school." 

It was highlighted in yellow.  

I read the book months ago and was
curious about that first section which we
were responding to this week.  For me, 
it was necessary to "revisit" those 
early pages of the book. 

Why else should I rise from my bed each
morning and head off to play, to my important responsibilities?  It's for that genuine engagement with students, colleagues, families, and the community surrounding the school.  

Back to the book......I rediscovered three other passages (on page ten) that "jumped out" at me in that first reading of The Innovator's Mindset.

They were also highlighted in yellow. 

"Relationships are the crux of everything we do."
"The second thing my parents taught me was
 the value of being a constant learner,
especially in the face of adversity."   

In the same way, we need to, as Teach Like a PIRATE author Dave Burgess says, create
 an experience where students are
"knocking down the doors to get in."  

Lucky are we to recognize our mission
to be a part of encouraging and educating kids.
Let's reach out to seek the inspiration to 
get the job style, and with love.

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Amy Illingworth said...

I love rereading a book, like Innovator's Mindset, and reflecting on what I highlighted the first time and what resonates with me on future readings. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!